Polaroid Magician

Polaroid Magician

Vintage & magical Happening

You love photo booth ?
You love magic ?
I created for you Polaroid Magic !

Flash on the fusion of a photo booth and a close-up magician, an unexpected magicial moment yours guests will remember for sure !

Strolling among the groups, the undercover magician will come to your guests as a photographer.
No one will suspect that the Polaroid picture that has just been taken will be at the center of an incredible magic trick !

Their picture will disappear, transform or reappear in an impossible location an organic feeling of wonder full of fun and sparkles.
And of course, their photo will be offered as a souvenir of this experience !

Based in Paris, Ugo with an H is an international close-up magician.
Fluent in french and english, he will create the WOW impact you are waiting for !

Custom this animation !
- Custom magic tricks
- Your logo at the back of the photos
- Make goodies appear from the photographs

Perfect for cocktail parties, charity events or weddings !

More about :
- From 2 to 4 hours
- 1 to 4 Polaroid Magicians
- One magician for 150 guests maximum
- Transportation fees not included

Compatible with :
- Classic Photobooth
- Other strolling artists
- Background music

Here is the storyboard of one of my Polaroid Magic trick !


Storlling from one group to another, the (so-called) photograph immortalize the guests. The photo is placed in of of the spectator's pocket to develop.


The photographer tells the audience he has learnt a magic trick recently, and he offers the guests to be part of it.


After a quick trick, the photographer reveals that the photo in the pocket of the spectator is not their picture anymore.


The spectators reaches into his pocket and finds out there is now a picture of a card on their Polaroid !


The photographer shows that something appeared in his wallet, an object that looks like a Polaroid..


...it's of course the photo of the spectators, and they are invited to keep it as a souvenir and enjoy an other magic moment !

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